NLP & Hypnosis Master Class

A weekend Master Class in NLP and Real Hypnosis

only open to Practitioners who have successfully completed our NLP and Real Hypnosis Practitioner course.

Here’s what you will learn:

Apart from having a little fun, over the 2 day course you will learn processes that we all (Luke, Joseph and me) personally use with our clients to help them achieve their results in only 3 sessions. Luke and I have worked as full time Hypnotherapists for the last 7 years and 14 years respectively and over those years have learnt (along with Joseph) to develop processes to achieve quick and lasting results.

The course will include

  • your first contact with a prospective client
  • how to conduct an initial consultation,
  • take a personal history so that you can elicit a client’s root cause and limiting belief every time,
  • Joseph’s adaption of the six step reframe,
  • Luke’s development on an unconscious search and review mixed with time based processes
  • and a Parts Integration with a real difference.
  • There will also be time to ask questions.
  • and a whole lot more!

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