NLP Course dates in Bournemouth

NLP and Hypnosis Trainings in Bournemouth

If you really want to learn NLP and Hypnosis to become a Great Hypnotherapist I have broken the rules in Training NLP and Hypnosis just for YOU!

That’s right ~ NLP and Hypnosis Stripped Bare to what really works

 and No more classes as big as you can get.

Because of our unique concept in teaching NLP and Hypnosis we are able to create a flexible way for you to be certified and learn more than the usual NLP trainings


Because I want to deliver more than what’s required and know I have trained NLP Practitioners to the highest standard.
It’s giving you the chance to really be part of your learning in a light, enjoyable and fun way where you have access to the me, the trainer, and know you are personally supported all the way. Ensuring you leave with more than you thought you could achieve and no “what if” doubts.

Fully Accredited NLP Practitioner Trainings, in Bournemouth, with a unique difference.

What’s the unique difference?

I aim to teach NLP etc. only in small groups up to a maximum of 4 so you get a special experience and learn more than you can imagine.

Interested to read more?

We’ve all had the experience of not asking a question in a large group of people, haven’t we? because of fear, nerves or simply thinking “I’m the only one not getting this”.

If this excites you…..

NLP Practitioner Trainings in 2015

Because of the uniqueness of training in small groups it’s now possible to be completely flexible in our course dates please enquire  directly to Paul if this would suit you

NLP Practitioner Schedule

31st October – 8th November 2015 (4th day off)
Cambridge – Holiday Inn Express
maximun 10 Practitioners
£1100 early bird – Deposit £300
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14th – 22nd November 2015 (25th day off)
Bournemouth – The Waterside Southbourne
maximun 4-6 Practitioners
£1100 early bird – Deposit £300
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