My Personal Pledge to you

A Pledge to YOU from Paul Clough of NLP and Hypnosis Trainings

I have seen other offers for training and learning NLP and Hypnosis on the web that leave me disappointed and embarrassed. So I thought I would commit to paper a pledge

We will offer no free lunches or free days or free weekends. There is no such thing as a FREE LUNCH, we all know that and we will not disrespect your intelligence.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~What you see (and more) is going to be what you get!

We will not teach you techniques that are simply there to impress you. Again we will not disrespect your intelligence.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ What you will learn is a methodology of processes that really work in both real therapy and real personal development. And you get to learn how to make this yours with honest intention.

You will always have access to us.

~~~~~~~~~~ Prior to the training, being personally mentored by us through your pre-study. You will always have personal access with us during the training (We are your trainers and your assistance), being supported and stretched to ensure you reach your potential and you will have personal contact, mentorship and support after the training

No BIG classes where you miss out and feel isolated

~~~~~~~~~~ We will keep class numbers to a minimum to ensure you feel safe to learn in a wonderful fun atmosphere.

We will not teach you the basic NLP Practitioner curriculum

~~~~~~~~~~ Our trainings will be BESPOKE to meet your needs and We will teach you more that the curriculum so you get what you want and need ……….. and more!

We aim to teach you to know what to do and do what you know that is:

Good for you ~~~~~ Good for Others ~~~~~ Good for the planet

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